петак, 27. мај 2011.

O nekim znamenitostima Koželja

Љубиша Рајковић Кожељац:


Развитак - часопис за друштвена питања, културу и уметност
(1962. година, број IV-V)

четвртак, 19. мај 2011.

Archaeology of Ancient Sicily

R. Ross Holloway:

Sicily is renowned for the richness of its archaeological record, especially from the classical age. This accessible survey provides the only comprehensive introduction to the wealth of ancient artefacts and monuments discovered on the island.

From the Palaeolithic to the later Roman period, The Archaeology of Ancient Sicily explores all the main topics of archaeological interest. These range from Greek colonisation, sanctuaries and burial, the architecture of temples, houses, theatres and military sites, to sculpture, the cities of the island, and the Sicels. Separate sections explore the fascinating coinage of Sicily and the famous late Roman villa at Piazza Armerina.

With clear, concise and illuminating commentary, over 200 illustrations, and an exhaustive bibliography—now updated—Professor Holloway’s study continues to be the standard work on the archaeology of ancient Sicily. It is also a valuable tool for students of ancient history.