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The Stonehenge people

Rodney Castleden

To Professors Stuart Piggott, Colin Renfrew and Sir Harry Godwin, three pioneers of modern neolithic studies without whose research this book could not have been written.

First published 1987 by Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd



1. The mysterious monument

part 1
Settlement and agriculture

2. Here in this magic wood
3. Hearth and home
4. The broken circle

part 2
Industry, technology and communications

5. Of the effecte of certaine stones
6. Clay circles: The first pottery
7. By what mechanical craft
8. By the devil's force

part 3
The ceremonial monuments

9. Earth circles and earth lines: The ritual function
10. The old temples of the gods
11. Dialogue with death

part 4
People, polity and philosophy

12. The laughing children
13. The peaceful citadel
14. The great mystery
15. The speaking stones

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