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Elements of Archaeological Conservation

J. M. Cronyn:
The Elements of Archaeological Conservation

What are the objectives and principles of archaeological conservation? Janey Cronyn sets out, in a lucid and practical manner, to survey the current processes and technologies employed in conservation, to explore the nature of artefacts, their decay, and how they are examined and treated in the laboratory. A general preface to the subject introduces
individual chapters investigating the agents of deterioration and preservation, techniques of conservation, siliceous and related materials, metals, and organic materials. The concluding section offers a guide to relevant organizations, training facilities, and publications.

Copiously illustrated with both photographs and line drawings, The Elements of Archaeological Conservation is a unique and valuable reference text for anyone training—or considering training—in conservation or archaeology, as well as for non-conservators such as excavators, finds specialists, archaeometrists, and museum curators.

A freelance consultant, lecturer, and author in archaeological conservation, J.M.Cronyn is a Fellow of the International Institute for Conservation (FIIC), and taught the subject to archaeology undergraduates and to graduate conservators at the University of Durham for fourteen years. W.S.Robinson who has contributed details on marine materials, is a consultant archaeological conservator and an officer of the Nautical Archaeology Society.

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