петак, 21. јун 2013.

Treasury of Celtic Design

Courtney Davis:

This beautiful and versatile treasury of over 100 designs will prove an invaluable source of inspiration to everyone with an interest in the Celtic heritage, not least to artists and designers both amateur and professional.

Rich and exciting, these designs encompass a wide range of knotwork, spirals, key patterns and zoomorphic subjects. A wealth of full-and half-page rectangles, motifs and medallions plus frames, borders and corners are all rendered with exquisite finesse by renowned Celtic expert and artist Courtney Davis. The redolent symbolism of such designs and motifs never seem to fade or date.

Courtney Davis works within the best traditions of ancient Celtic style to produce his own unique illustrations and designs. Based in the West Country of Britain, he is the creator and compiler of numerous bestselling titles on Celtic art and design, including The Celtic Iron-on Transfer Book, Celtic Designs and Motifs, The Celtic Stained Glass Book and Celtic Illumination.

His web site is: "www.celtic-art.com".

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