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Ancient Titicaca

Charles Stanish: Ancient Titicaca - The evolution of complex society in Southern Peru and Northern Bolivia

Titicaca is a lake located on the border of Peru and Bolivia.


01. Ancient Collasuyu
02. The Evolution of Political Economies
03. The Geography and Paleoecology of the Titicaca Basin
04. The Ethnography and Ethnohistory of the Titicaca Basin
05. The History of Archaeological Research in the Titicaca Basin
06. The Origins and Elaboration of Rank in the Early and Middle Formative Periods
07. The Rise of Competitive Peer Polities in the Upper Formative Period
08. The First State of Tiwanaku
09. The Rise of Complex Agro-Pastoral Societies in the Altiplano Period
10. Conquest from Outside: The Inca Occupation of the Titicaca Basin
11. The Evolution of Complex Society in the Titicaca Basin

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