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Roman Imperial Statue Bases

Jakob Munk Højte:
from Augustus to Commodus


Types of Monuments

- Identiication of statue bases
- The language of the inscriptions
- Types of statue base
- Literary testimony for imperial statue bases and inscriptions
- Statue types and materials used for imperial statues
- The cost of imperial statues
- Damnatio memoriae and the reuse of statue bases

Dating the Inscriptions from Imperial Statue Bases

- Imperial nomenclature and honorific titles
- Other dating criteria
- Dating by negative evidence
- Reliability of the dating criteria
- Dating accuracy
- Dates chosen for dedicating imperial statues

The Applicability of the Evidence of the Statue Bases to the Extant Portraits

The Geographical Distribution of Imperial Portrait Statues

- The geographical distribution of extant imperial portraits
- The geographical distribution of statue bases
- The number of sites and the number of bases per site

Statues Dedicated Before and After a Reign

- Pre-accessional dedications
- Posthumous dedications

Occasions for Erecting Imperial Statues

- Accession
- Jubilees (decennalia and vicennalia)
- Imperial visits
- Patterns of chronological distribution during a reign

Dedicators of Roman Imperial Statues

- Statues dedicated by communities or their executive bodies
- Private dedicators
- Public or private?
- Corporations as dedicators
- Military units as dedicators
- Statue bases without dedicators
- Regional diferences and developments

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