уторак, 15. новембар 2011.

Did God Have a Wife?

William G. Dever: Did God Have a Wife?
Archaeology and Folk Religion in Ancient Israel



I. Defining and Contextualizing Religion

II. The History of the History:
In Search of Ancient Israel's Religions

III. Sources and Methods for the Study of Ancient Israel's Religions

IV. The Hebrew Bible: Religious Reality or Theological Ideal?

Part I. Cultic Terminology in the Hebrew Bible Part II. Cultic Activities in the Hebrew Bible

V. Archaeological Evidence for Folk Religions in Ancient Israel

VI. The Goddess Asherah and Her Cult

VII. Asherah, Women's Cults, and "Official Yahwism"

VIII. From Polytheism to Monotheism

IX. What Does the Goddess Do to Help?

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